On 25th September 2015, the Intervention Team, Romanian Gendarmerie and a representative of the Institute of Forestry Research and Management (INCDS, Brasov) were called to a scene where a bear was trapped in a snare at the edge of an orchard in Uricani, Hunedoara County. The area was secured, the bear anaesthetised and released without any further damage or risk. Follow up visits to the area did not indicate any further risks or that the bear had returned.

Using illegal traps, such as snares, not only poses significant risks to wildlife, but can also generate extremely dangerous situations for people and domestic animals, including risk of fatalities.
Under the Hunting Law 407/2006, hunting practice with unauthorized traps is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 3 years. Due to the fact that in the same orchard numerous snares were found an investigation has started.
If you have information relating to poaching activities within the project area please inform the relevant authorities and/orthe project team.