We received the first four Carpathian Shepherd dogs and safely transferred the pups to their new homes in the Drocea-Codru Moma Corridor. Each participating shepherd will receive a dog and a bitch of different parentage in order to ensure the sustainability of the programme through continued breeding. The first pair, Arcan and Jalba were introduced to their new home in the village of Rosia, Dieci commune and the second pair, Brânduşa and Codru reached the village of Sălăjene, or. Sebiş.

These areas have reported the highest level of conflict with wolf within the project area, and through effective training, these dogs will become effective deterrents, demonstrating how effective livestock guarding dogs can reduce the level of conflict between wolves and shepherds. The training of the dogs will be closely monitored by our ranger, providing support and advice to the shepherds, as well as veterinary care and food for the first year.

In our brochure on livestock guarding dogs we outline the main elements to raising good livestock guarding dogs, which are to

  • choosing the right type of dog for the region
  • socialising it with livestock
  • correcting unwanted behavior

Why the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dog?

The Carpathian shepherd dog breed is steeped in history, having developed from the necessity of Carpathian shepherds to have a strong and agile dog, capable of defending livestock from bears and wolves, a tool that is still very much in need today.  . Typical traits include,  loyalty,  strong senses of smell and hearing, able to sense danger at a great distance and capable to react to the slightest sign of threat and adapted to the conditions of the Carpathian Mountains. The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd is a very intelligent and balanced dog with a temperament that adapts easily to new environments.

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