On Friday 18th of August, LCC rangers and Retezat National Park rangers deployed much needed electric fencing to a remote region of the Retezat Massif to prevent sheep from being attacked by bears and wolves.  

The alpine meadows at the foot of Zlata Peak, are reached after a hike of 5 hours and are home to a shepherd camp of around 1,000 sheep. This remote sheepfold had been repeatedly attacked by bear. Installing an electric fence has prevented further attacks, as the bear is no longer able to gain access to the sheepfold. Electric fencing is a complementary method for preventing damage from wildlife to livestock and crops. It is important that electric fences are installed correctly and maintained, and used in conjunction with suitable husbandry practices and where appropriate, livestock guarding dogs.

To date, the rangers have installed  57 electric fences, provided 11 livestock guarding dogs and provided training courses and supported and advised farmers and responsible authorities in preventing damages caused by wildlife.