In 2015, we conducted interviews with shepherds, farmers and bee-keepers to assess the level and type of conflict between people and wildlife. These interviews provided data on: the context of conflict, wildlife species involved, methods used to prevent damage, the impact of damage on those affected and the degree of acceptance towards large carnivores. The results of the assessment were used to prioritize areas where methods of reducing and preventing conflict between people and wildlife should be targeted. In this initial phase, 17 electric fences have been provided to shepherds to protect livestock and 11 electric fences to farmers to protect crops throughout the following four Natura 2000 sites: Rusca Montana – Ţarcu – Retezat Corridor, Drocea – Codru Moma Corridor, Apuseni – Bihor and Zarandul de Est. Our next phase of deployment of mitigation measures include continuing with electric fence installation to protect crops from damage by wild boar and to provide and train livestock guarding dogs to shepherds.