Enhancing landscape connectivity for brown bear and wolf through a regional network of Natura 2000 sites in Romania.


The LIFE Connect Carpathians (LCC) project aims to bring together stakeholders involved in land management in the Apuseni Link region, in order to develop and implement landscape scale conservation measures that enhance biodiversity and benefit stakeholders.

The Apuseni Link is a network of Natura 2000 sites, established to protect a habitat corridor, allowing the movement of bears and wolves between the Apuseni Mountains and Southern Carpathians.

By engaging with stakeholders, LCC will ensure that conservation activities align with the needs of stakeholders, enhance the Favourable Conservation Status of wolves and bears and generate positive biodiversity outcomes.


Funding: This project is supported with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community, Halcyon Land & Sea, and OMC International.