Dogs are continuing to be used as a valuable support for conservation, from anti-poaching to protecting livestock from predators. In Transylvania, the formidable Romanian Carpathian dog has had a considerable history in protecting livestock from wolves and bears. However, the genotype and phenotype of the Romanian Carpathian dog are at risk, as livestock owners lose the knowledge and skills required to rear, trapt-sitein and maintain the population of working Romanian Carpathian dogs.

LIFE Connect Carpathians is working to maintain these valuable skills and dogs, a first step in which is to train livestock owners in keeping Romanian Carpathian dogs. 15 livestock owners from Eastern Zarand, Drocea-Codru Moma Corridor, and the Rusca Monatana-Tarcu-Retezat corridor Natura 2000 sites attended the Livestock Guarding Dogs Best Practice Training Course held in Rosia Noua.

The course was conducted by specialists, Mr. Iclenzan Vasile, Executive chairman of the Romania Carpathian Club and Berekmeri Valentin, Vice-president and an agricultural and biology specialist. The course provided the theoretical knowledge and the opportunity to directly handle Romanian Carpathian shepherd dogs, learning about the 3 main features of this impressive and noble breed:

  • Be strong, courageous and balanced
  • Always protect the animals and never leave their side
  • Never attack domestic animals


Foto credit: R. Moț/Asociația Zarand