IMG_0174 (Medium)Petriş, Arad County, June 2015

On the boundaries between two Natura 2000 sites, Zarandul de Est and Defileul Mureșului, damage to potato crops by wild boar was reported. This is the first time such damage has been reported in this location! Subsequently, the mayor of Petriş Commune invited team members to a discussion on damage caused by wild boar to crops. Along with farmers, the team carried out field surveys to identify and assess potential sites at risk from damage by wild boar and on the 6 th June, a repellent (Hukinol) was placed along a perimeter of 1.6 km, protecting about 7 hectares of agricultural land. This area is used by about 50 farmers, and by demonstrating techniques for preventing and mitigating damage caused by wildlife the team aim to reduce the types and level of conflict between people and wildlife.

Photo – Radu Moț / AZ