LIFE Connect Carpathians

Enhancing landscape connectivity for brown bear and wolf through a regional network of Natura 2000 sites in Romania.

The LIFE Connect Carpathians Project

The LIFE Connect Carpathians project aims to enhance landscape connectivity within an ecological corridor located in Western Romania. This corridor consists of a network of Natura 2000 sites situated between the Apuseni Mountains and the Southern Carpathians and is one of the most important ecological corridors in Europe.

This regional corridor was established to protect and connect habitats allowing for the movement of wildlife between these two areas. This is the only route through which flagship species such as bears and wolves can move between Apuseni and the Southern Carpathians.

By bringing together stakeholders in this region, the project will develop and implement landscape scale conservation measures that enhance biodiversity and benefit local stakeholders.

Funding: LIFE Connect Carpathians acknowledges the funding received from the EC LIFE+ Nature programme.

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