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Undeveloped wilderness with surviving populations of large mammals is a treasure, especially in the West, and I’m excited that the Connect Carpathians initiative recognizes this rare opportunity and is taking steps to both preserve the land, and to offer cultural solutions that will help future generations enjoy the same gifts. Wolves and bears are both charismatic predators that can excite interest and pride in the public, and — as apex predators — there’s the circular benefit of them beneficially influencing the ecology of the region across many trophic levels AND also requiring protection across those trophic levels, so one hopes that by prioritizing these predators, their protection extends like an umbrella effect to the many species and habitats that contribute to their well-being.

I am also very interested in the reintroduction of traditional Livestock Guardian Breeds as a predator deterrent. This is a brilliant idea that I hope expands and is closely monitored, because if this succeeds, it’s the perfect opportunity to collect data that may be presented as qualitative and quantitative evidence for a new model of predator-livestock management. Ideally it could provide an economic incentive to other nations as a better option than predator culling or government compensation for lost livestock. Would love to hear more about the initiation and implementation of this program.

Regarding landscape conservation, are there any inroads being made into sustainable energy sources in rural areas? Like using solar to provide utilities to remote, protected land and completely skipping invasive electric and/or fossil-fuel based power.