Enhancing landscape connectivity for brown bear and wolf through a regional network of Natura 2000 sites in Romania.

The LIFE Connect Carpathians project aims to achieve positive biodiversity outcomes by:

  • Securing and restoring critical habitat and landscape features as corridors through connectivity pinch points to increase functional connectivity of the landscape and to promote land management that supports the conservation of biodiversity.
  • Addressing human-wildlife conflict, such as poaching, which are direct threats to wolves, bears and associated prey species and facilitate the co-existence of humans with large carnivores.
  • Promoting integrated conservation of the landscape by building the information base and capacity of responsible agencies and developing Regional Species Action Plans and harmonised forestry and hunting strategies.
  • Enhancing the awareness and support of the local population and other stakeholders for the conservation of the bear and wolf and the Natura 2000 sites in the corridor.